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IBM Thinkpad Password Removal Service

Thinkpad Password FAQ:
     The IBM Thinkpad can have up to three passwords:
Power-on (POP) Password Removal

  • This password is required to turn on the PC.  Without this password, the laptop can be turned on but can not be accessed.

Supervisor (SVP/BIOS) Password Removal

  • This password is inside a chip on the motherboard.   It can not be recovered by shorting the jumbers, etc. This password is required to access the BIOS. Changing BOOT sequence (booting from a CD or hard drive or floppy), date/time and other specs on the systems, requires this password.
    You have to have a special electronic device to read this password from the chip and remove it.

Hard Drive (HDP) Password Removal

  • This password is inside a chip on the Hard Drive.
    It is time consuming and costly to recover and remove this password.   the best option is to replace the Hard Drive. 80% of the time the same password that is set for the BIOS, is set for the Hard Drive.

What can be done?

  • Is your Thinkpad LOCKED with a Supervisor/BIOS Password?
  • Ready to give up looking for that magical back door? (It doesn't exist)
  • There's NO MAGIC to work, just good, basic Electronic Technology.


All of the Thinkpads Can be unlocked with our Password Removal Service - including:
  • 240, 240X, 390E, 390X, 570, 570E, 600e, 600X, 770Z
  • A20m, A21e, A21p, A21m, A22m, A30, A31, A32
  • G40, G41
  • R30, R31, R32, R40, R50, R51, R52, R60
  • Transnote, T20, T21, T22, T23, T30, T40, T41, T42, T43, T60, T61
  • X20, X21, X22, X23, X24, X30, X31, X32, X40, X41, X60, X61
  • Z60 and Z61 series

We have been servicing and repairing computers and systems for over 20 years.

We have peformed Password Removal for HUNDREDS of Thinkpads for many satisfied customers.

Click here to see what our customers had to say.

  • Our password removal service DOES NOT require Soldering or un-Soldering any wires or components in your Thinkpad thus assuring that your WARRANTY remains VALID.
  • No, We DO NOT replace the security chip.
  • Soldering on a customer's system board is a disaster waiting to happen.
  • Your Warranty is IMMEDIATELY VOIDED if the chip is soldered.
  • Using specially designed connectors, we are able to read the required data and then decode the password.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed or you PAY NOTHING!
  • We simply read the password and remove it.

Our password removal service is ONLY for the WORK required to Recover the ThinkPad BIOS-Supervisor Password and Unlock your Thinkpad. We can NOT unlock single Hard Drives. If your HDD is locked by the same password, it will be unlocked at no extra charge. Normally, there are no additional parts or materials required. You will be notified if there are parts missing or needed.

What you need to do:
  • Call us to discuss specific situations
  • Carefully pack and ship your basic laptop to us (Insurance is recommended)
  • Pack the laptop with bubble wrap or styrofoam peanuts
  • You do not need to ship the battery, or the charger (adds weight and postage)
  • Mail the laptop with delivery confirmation/tracking number
  • If you are shipping from outside United States, make sure that you mention on customs papers that the item is being shipped to United States for REPAIR ONLY and that it is not an import item.
  • Fill out the order form below for Password Removal
  • Pay for the service (Paypal preferred) - Paypal accepts charge cards also
What we will do:
  • Recover and remove the Supervisor Password.
  • Unlock the Thinkpad.
  • Ship the Thinkpad back to you UNLOCKED and insured.
What isn't included in this offer:
  • Hardware (if any) needed to repair your Thinkpad.
  • Software Passwords like for the Windows / OS.
  • The shipping cost to send the laptop to us.
Our Service:
  • All password removal services performed will be guaranteed PERMANENTLY
  • Average turn around time for Password Removal service is two "business days".
  • Usually, return is same day or next day.
  • Please remember to factor the shipping time in your calculations.
Shipping Address

Datronics Custom Computers
Password Removal
314 Bills Fork Road
Duck, WV 25063

(304) 364-8988
(304) 549-8423

Password Removal Prices:

Model / Type Fee Shipping & Handling
T420, T430, T530, L430, L530, W430, W530, X1, X230 $150.00 $25.00
T400, T500, X200, X201, X202, X300 $125.00 $25.00
R61, T61, X61, Z61 $100.00 $25.00
R52, R60, T43, T60, X60, Z60 $75.00 $25.00
G40, G41, R30, R31, R32, R40, R50, R51, X40, X41 $50.00 $25.00
T40, T41, T42, X30, X31, X32 $40.00 $25.00
X20, X21, X22, X23, X24 $30.00 $25.00
A20, A21, A22, A23, A30, A31, T20, T21, T22, T23, T30 $25.00 $25.00
ERROR 0175: BAD CRC1 FIX $75.00 $25.00
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Complete ThinkPad password removal service with 100% success rate on all Models. Thinkpad T43, T60, T61, Z60, Z61, R50, R51, R52, R60, R61, T20, T21, T22, T23, T30, T40, T41, T42, A20, A21, A22, A30, A31, X30, X31, X40, X41, X60, X61, X200, X201, X202, X300, T400, T420, T500, L400, L430, L500, L530.
If you require our IBM ThinkPad Supervisor Password removal services, please note that we require the entire system for service (ThinkPad A/C adapter not necessary). Our Technicians also performs comprehensive system testing once the password protection is removed to verify complete system integrity. Our ThinkPad password removal service covers ThinkPad BIOS password removal, Thinkpad supervisor password removal, Thinkpad power-on password removal and can remove password from all IBM ThinkPad models.
Password Removal Service From Datronics For Sale On eBay
IBM THINKPAD PASSWORD REMOVAL A21 A22 A30 A31 T21 T22 T23 T30 T40 T41 T42 T43 T400 T500 R52 R60 T60 R60 T60 T61 T400 T500 X40 X41 X60 X61 X200 X300 Z60 Z61... virtually all models.

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